Cancellation Policy - In relation to Hurricane Maria


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In order to accommodate the unfortunate events surrounding the devastation in Puerto Rico due to Hurracaine Maria, the steering committee of the Malware Conference 2017 has adopted the following cancellation policy.

Cancellation Policy - Malware Conference 2017:

Any and all refund requests prior to October 11, 2017 must be made in writing via email. All request must be send to, and include in the subject line REQUEST OF CANCELLATION FOR THE MALWARE CONFERENCE 2017. The requests must be received on or before October 11, 2017 at 23:59:59. The request must include the following information in the body of the email:


1. name of person(s) requesting the cancellation;

2. address of person(s) requesting the cancellation;

3. address where the Proceedings of the Conference, and the conference materials should se send;

4. email address used to pay for the registration; and

5. the following paragraph must be included as part of the body of the email:


"I, (fill in your name), requests that my registration for the Malware Conference 2017 be cancelled effective immediately. I understand that at this late date, the Malware Conference has incurred a set of expenses that can no longer be recovered , and as such the amount of cancellation refunded to me will be $300 m- $500.00 for full IEEE member and NON-IEEE member registrations, and $200.00 for student registrations."

If an author, then, include the following sentecne as part of your request.

"I understand, that by cancelling my registration, my manuscript (fill out manuscript # - and Manuscript title) will be removed from the proceedings of the conference, and will not appear as part of the IEEE Xplore library."

No refunds will be issued after October 11, 2017. If you do not request a cancellation, then, your registration will be automatically transferred to the registration for the alternative date of the conference at no additional costs


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