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Malware 2018 Best Paper Award

Malware 2018
Best Paper Award - Research Track

Presented to

William Fleshman, Richard Zak and Mark McLean

Laboratory for Physical Sciences, USA


Edward Raff and Charles Nicholas

Booz Allen Hamilton and

University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA


In recognition to their contributions to the Field of Information and Systems Security

and the quality and timeliness of their work as embodied in the manuscript:


“Static Malware Detection & Subterfuge: Quantifying the Robustness of Machine Learning and Current Anti-Viruscalable Encryption Fingerprinting in Dynamic Malware Trace" 

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Travel Arrangements

The 13th International Conference on Malicious and Unwanted Software  (MALCON 2018) will be held at the Nantucket Hotel & Resort, Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA, October 22-24, 2018. In this section we address the typical questions that you may have in making the necessary travel arrangements.